Two 350 Metric Tonne Reactor Lifts Engineered by Lowther Rolton

Start With A Detailed Plan 

We approach all of our engineering projects with attentiveness and diligence to create fully realized engineering plans. This way our Clients can implement the transport, rigging, lifting and installation stages seamlessly. Detailed engineering plans, guided by Lowther-Rolton’s unwavering commitment to safety, play a significant role in our Client’s success. Following on from a previous successful project our Client entrusted us to engineer the heavy lift of two 350 metric tonne Reactors, together with associated Piperacks and other equipment.

Lift Plan Preparation

Lowther-Rolton developed and issued lift plans during a year-long project, which resulted in the successful lifting, rigging, and installation of 140 Modules, Vessels, Buildings and other equipment. The two Reactors weighing 350 metric tonnes were the heaviest items installed. Following drawing and calculation preparation and checking, the Reactor lift drawings were stamped/sealed by our in-house Professional Engineer (PE) to match the requirements of our client’s standards. 

Teamwork leads to efficiency and success

Communication between our assigned engineer, the site owner and transport/installation contractor helped establish trust, and this collaborative style contributed to a positive result for all parties, with the Reactors installed flawlessly and without incident over two consecutive days. We respect the contribution of the skilled labor who operate and direct the cranes and transport equipment and engage with them during planning. We have found that this teamwork helps us reduce schedule by eliminating unnecessary crane moves and configuration changes.

The Reactors were equipped with a top nozzle lifting device which was also used as a transportation support to allow sufficient axles to be used, meeting axle load limits over the delivery route. Once on-site, the transport was reconfigured so that the Reactor could be maneuvered into the precise lift position indicated on the lift plan. The main crane (LR1600) used 236 tonnes of superlift at 18m radius, and the Reactor installation was at 15m radius.

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