The Lowther-Rolton


The advantages of engaging our fully independent services to support a project team are:

  • Unbiased advice which is independent of all Contractors and equipment suppliers.
  • Innovative concept, design and technical support to plan safe and efficient construction.
  • Significantly reduced risk of structural failure during construction activities.
  • Assurance that load movement proposals do not compromise process equipment design.
  • Reduced risk of project over-run by providing detailed engineering and planning of load movement and erection installation.
  • Increased control of operations, with benefits to safety and flexible working.
  • Independent advice on design requirements by economically sourcing the appropriate construction equipment, based on wide and diverse range of hands-on experience.
  • Assurance that all engineering aspects have been positively addressed.
  • Elimination of foreseeable technical interface problems between contractors/suppliers.
  • Provision of design and technical support throughout the project, especially after front line engineering has been demobilised or relocated.
  • Assurance that technical and operational needs receive the attention of our experienced engineers, project managers and Directors.
  • Focused support to find the best solutions for our Client.
  • We provide the support that allows our Client to do what they do best, while L-R focus on the technical details of the lifting, shipping and transportation aspects.
  • Our engineering services may be considered as an extension of our Client’s technical abilities where we are constantly aware of a project’s aims in respect to safety, efficiency, schedule and cost.
  • We share our Clients’ philosophy of continual improvement and pledge to ensure our services are tailored to suit their specific project requirements.
  • Our standard of service is maintained at the highest level by the attention to detail and personal commitment of our Directors.

Lowther-Rolton is the premier independent engineering consultancy for Heavy Lift & Construction Engineering, providing original in-house design and third-party verification services.


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