Lowther-Rolton regularly assists our clients when they need to make an engineered lift plan. This means making a lift where the lift is in excess of the rated load of the overhead crane. By definition, these are relatively unusual operations undertaken as part of a new construction or major repairs.
The ASME B30.2 specification includes a list of limitations and requirements which must be fulfilled for a planned engineered lift including load limits, crane manufacturer input, review of service history, structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic reviews, checks on the supporting structure, inspection, and operational procedures.
Whether using overhead, mobile or crawler cranes, Lowther-Rolton has the knowledge and experience to undertake any and all of your engineering tasks, including by our in house Professional Engineers.

Lowther-Rolton is the premier independent engineering consultancy for Heavy Lift & Construction Engineering, providing original in-house design and third-party verification services.

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