Technical Audit – History

Lowther-Rolton was founded in 1987 by the originating owners David Rolton, Peter Lowther and Robert (Bob) Dodd, forming a ‘triangle’ of members combining their skills in a stable Consultancy.

Prior to this, David and Peter had considered the concept that load movement, transportation and lifting (T&HL), should have a more Professional basis than that perceived in the industry as a ‘black art’. All three individuals previously worked for the same international bridge design and construction company until David and Peter resigned to pursue alternative goals, David concentrating on a design consultancy and Peter on a load movement contracting company.  

The three then joined together after a number of years to realise their desires of transforming the perception and reality of load movement to an engineering supported industry. With David and Peter each managing separate engineering companies Bob became the Company’s first employee, tasked with managing and developing Lowther-Rolton into a Construction Technology Consultancy that uniquely specialised in transportation and lifting.

Lowther-Rolton’s first appointment followed a collapse of a lifting system in UK where the requirement was to assist the Project Management team source suitable heavy lift equipment (T&HL) to enable the project’s three relatively large and heavy process equipment items to be installed safely. This was completed successfully, albeit some 6 months later than originally planned.

Subsequent to our successful input the plant Owner approached Lowther-Rolton, approximately 6 months later during 1988, and requested we prepare a comprehensive checking procedure that followed their process equipment items from vendor through to installation, such that their future projects would not be subjected to an unacceptable risk and the safety of personnel, public and equipment was protected.

Lowther-Rolton, primarily Bob, developed the Technical Audit which continues to be further refined, and adhered to this day, by Lowther-Rolton, to provide dedicated project assurance to our Client, being originally termed Technical Check and Safety Audit but later abbreviated to Technical Audit.

The Technical Audit has been the ‘backbone’ of Lowther-Rolton since implemented on its first project with the originating client in 1988 which we consider is unique and ‘priceless’ being successfully followed on all Lowther-Rolton projects from new ‘grass roots’ construction through to revamps and shutdowns etc.

The basis of the Technical Audit is to leave ‘no stone unturned’ by addressing positively load movement (T&HL) procedures together with all associated engineering aspects, such that any interface between companies, departments, disciplines etc are seamlessly resolved and our Client’s risk management strategy safeguarded. Our independent checks are performed from the base of support of load movement equipment, through the load movement equipment, the load itself together with the attachments and ‘load’ including the structural integrity of all associated aspects.

Lowther-Rolton’s new owners, having purchased the shareholding from David and Peter during 2009, have the same principles as the original owners, albeit they emanate from a HSE background, hence Lowther-Rolton’s original principles are followed to this day, being ‘cast-in concrete from original inception.

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