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Construction Design Services

Lowther-Rolton’s highly motivated design team consists of qualified engineering staff with the capability to design temporary and permanent works to international codes and standards, undertake the specialist aspects of heavy lift and transportation (HL&T) structural design aspects together with the associated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) as necessary.

In conjunction with our operations staff, our design team provide a wealth of experience, knowledge and practical application in the area of structural design to provide safe, efficient and constructible designs for our prestigious Client.

While the majority of the design work undertaken by Lowther-Rolton is generally associated in the role as independent 3rd party Technical Auditors, we have the capability to prepare original temporary and permanent works designs in specialist sectors and in the wider construction industry.

Original Design

While Lowther-Rolton can offer an original design and detailing service, producing design calculations and associated engineering drawings to a significantly high quality, for the structural elements outlined in the independent 3rd party Technical Audit section we also offer a similar comprehensive design and detailed engineering service for permanent and temporary structures, such as the following:

  • Bridge structures
  • Crane structures
  • Foundations
  • Jacking tower systems and masts
  • Lifting gantries and equipment
  • Load movement schemes
  • Process structures
  • Shell structures
  • Structures
  • Static and travelling formwork
  • Transportation units

The expertise applied by our Directors and staff originates from the wealth of experience gained previously as contractors and designers.

Our team of highly experienced engineers cover the disciplines of civil and structural engineering, providing a full range of design services. We offer our expertise and services worldwide together with the provision of suitably qualified and experienced staff to integrate into our Client’s project team.

We pride ourselves on the ability to design load movement schemes (transportation and lifting) and permanent/temporary structures that are innovative, practical, economic and safe to construct.

Our ‘hands-on’ experience of construction equipment for load movement is comprehensive and unique. Thereby Lowther-Rolton provides a Professional engineering based service as an independent alternative to load movement contractors and suppliers.


Finite Element Modelling to Determine Shell Stresses around Lifting Attachments

We routinely use Finite Element (FE) modelling to determine shell stresses around lifting attachments where the shell geometry or lifting attachment details fall outside the design provisions of the pressure vessel codes. In the above example a 125Te pressure vessel is to be lifted by trunnions, which are welded to the shell via compensation plates close to the torispherical end.


In-house Computer Programs for the Analysis of Transportation and Heavy Lifting Operations

We have developed a specialist range of in-house programs for the detailed analysis of transportation and lifting operations. These include programs for the analysis of transportation by trailer and ship, the tailing of petrochemical columns and the dynamic behaviour of load movement. These programs are used to check stability during the operation and provide design forces for loaded structural elements.

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