Construction Management

Construction Management Services

As a project progresses so does the contractor planning, engineering and development which requires skilful management throughout, wherein Lowther-Rolton’s construction management service provides continuous interface between our Client, contractors, ourselves and operations.

Fundamental to our construction management service is our Client representation and liaison where we integrate into our Client’s Project Management Team during the progress of a project. Our involvement in liaising between our Client’s technical discipline groups and that of the contractors ensures critical information and detail is included in the construction. As we are focused on the transportation and lifting elements, that may affect the design of our Client’s equipment, we manage the interface between the design and operational requirements to ensure the risk is mitigated and the schedule maintained, fulfilling a technical advisor role.

Our construction management extends beyond the ‘apparent’ boundaries outside of the project to statutory parties such as local council authorities, highway departments, power distribution companies and law enforcement, liaising with them closely to ensure safety measures are in place and all parties remain well informed of the planned operations, therefore taking necessary measures to ensure the safety of the project equipment, personnel and the general public.

During the construction phase our role extends to be our Client’s representative or discipline manager, to assist in managing and co-ordinating the proposed load movements including inspecting and correlating plant and associated tackle to their associated certification.

Our construction management role of specific contractors provides an added value to our Technical Audit, ensuring they perform their duties in compliance with the accepted procedures and that all associated rules, regulations, codes and standards are complied with and adhered to continuously. During our attendance at the project locations we ensure any Management of Change procedures are enabled when necessary and suitably documented.

To date we have provided our construction management services on projects up to a value of $6.5bn, combined with design and planning facilities together with Technical Auditing in the following sectors:

  • Bridge construction
  • Building construction
  • Chemical processing plant construction
  • Gas processing plant construction
  • Off-shore construction
  • Plant/refinery outages/turnarounds
  • Power/energy plant construction
  • Refinery construction
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