Our Mission to Provide Superior Service


Our mission since 1987 has focused on the success of our Clients by ensuring that critical Construction activities are planned to meet all safety standards. The Professional Engineering service we offer includes analysis by industry experts. Our Clients acknowledge that this leads to impeccably engineered construction operations which may be completed Safely. 

Service on your Schedule 

Here at Lowther-Rolton (L-R), we make sure that risks and interruptions to regular operations caused by heavy lifts and hauls are eliminated or mitigated. This frequently leads to lifts and transports taking place outside of regular working hours. Our responsive team members recognize the importance of your day to day schedule and how it interacts with Project deadlines. Also, our engineers, technicians, and representatives will be on hand no matter the task, the weather or the hour we’re there to support your Projects. 

Thorough Planning

In addition, to delivering quality results on your schedule, we pride ourselves on the rigor instilled into our review and design document preparation process. We proactively identify risks and develop practical, economical solutions. This ensures transparency and provides Project assurance for all stakeholders. 

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Lowther-Rolton is the premier independent  engineering consultancy for Heavy Lift & Construction Engineering, providing original in-house design and third party verification services.

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