hauling projects


Lowther-Rolton assisted our Client prepare for a complex five-day move of this 850 ton Condensation Tower over a 50km route. The move was particularly challenging as the route from the port of offloading to the site featured numerous overhead obstructions, width restrictions, gradients, junctions, and weak bridges.  Due to imposed axle weight restrictions while crossing bridges, the heavy equipment transport operation required in total 60 transporter axles (3 file configuration), together with turntables which were required for maneuverability. All aspects such as tractive power, braking, stability and securing need to be correct to make a move like this succeed. Lowther-Rolton’s engineers undertook a Technical Audit of the route surveys and transportation engineering aspects together with site attendance, providing oversight during road transportation. Our recommendations led to essential route upgrades being completed in time before the transport left the port. At our suggestion securing arrangements were strengthened to prevent the shipping saddles from moving during transport. Lowther-Rolton is the premier independent engineering consultancy for Heavy Lift & Construction Engineering, providing original in-house design and third-party verification services.

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