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Consolidation in the Heavy Lift Industry

The Industry evolves, development continues. 

Momentous changes have occurred since Lowther-Rolton was formed to serve the heavy construction sector in 1987. The continual increase in available crane capacity has been matched by Project Owners who ambitiously seek out cost-effective and expedited Project strategies. In turn, more innovative equipment and techniques have been developed, and the cycle repeats. Faced with this dynamic environment, Lowther-Rolton’s Clients have acknowledged that a key benefit to Lowther-Rolton’s services is our total independence from all Contractors and equipment suppliers.

Consolidation In Contracting Industry 

More recently the upper end of the heavy-lift Contracting industry has undergone significant consolidation. The Mammoet/ALE deal is the most high profile example of this trend which has further restricted the choices available to Clients as they plan and engineer these ever more complex Projects. This is where Lowther-Rolton comes in.

L-R Support & Project Flexibility

When we support your Project, our advice and designs carefully consider a range of safe and effective solutions. We also assess the advantage of innovative methods when needed to help you achieve successful outcomes. This ensures you maintain flexibility, make informed decisions, and award successful/economical contracts. We also make sure associated engineering aspects meet the requirements of the selected equipment and methodology, eliminating redesign and extra cost at later stages.

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Lowther-Rolton is the premier independent engineering consultancy for Heavy Lift & Construction Engineering, providing original in-house design and third party verification services.

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