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Emergent Generator Lifts 03 July 2017

During the 2017 Spring Outage season, Lowther-Rolton was commissioned by our Client, a major field services organization in the power sector, to undertake a Technical Audit of lifting operations during a Generator Rotor replacement. The gas fired power plant configuration required that the entire Generator be lifted from its foundation to grade to effect the Rotor swap. The lifting was to be effected by a standard 4-post gantry system. During an initial site walk, Lowther-Rolton discovered that the initial gantry lift system proposal generated interface loads beyond the capacity of the facility’s existing concrete floor. With Lowther-Rolton’s assistance lifting equipment and method were re-configured, utilizing a custom engineered structural strand-jacking lift system, tailored to suit the available foundation bearing locations. Under tight time constraints the new plan was engineered, reviewed and implemented - resulting in a safe and efficient execution of an off-site test lift, and then the on-site Generator lifts.

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