Absorber Vessel Delivered and Safely Installed

Lowther-Rolton Assists Client to Enhance Safety with Enhanced Construction Techniques

During this project, the 595 metric tonne Absorber vessel arrived at Darwin, Australia, where it was discharged by ship’s gears onto a Goldhofer draw-bar trailer for onward transportation. It was self-offloaded and jacked up approximately 1.8m using the trailer onto support stools for final dressing.

On completion of dressing, the Absorber was upended using the LR11350 (main) and M18000 (tail) crane and subsequently installed by LR11350, configured with 430Te superlift counterweight.

Lowther-Rolton were appointed to undertake a Technical Audit of the land transportation, laydown dressing support and installation of the Absorber Column, including design checks on the lifting/tailing attachments together with all engineering aspects and operational attendance during transportation and lifting.

Careful planning of this sequence allowed our Client to reduce the project cost and schedule by installing platforms prior to installation of the vessel. This method provides a safety benefit by reducing work at height.

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