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Lowther-Rolton International Ltd was formed in 1987 to provide Clients with an independent engineering service in construction technology by concentrating on the international construction management techniques, design, planning and Technical Auditing to enhance safe construction and engineering activities fundamental to a project.
Our company, as Professional consultants, uniquely specialises in engineering the load movement of all types of pre-assembled/pre-cast structures in the fields of petrochemical, energy, bridge construction and specialist structures.

As a leading international construction management company, we have been appointed for numerous major construction projects around the globe. Our head office is in central southern England with access to domestic and international airports. We have also founded a company in Australia and have now affiliated with the Santis HSE Group based in Dubai UAE, providing us with representation in the Middle East.



Latest Project

Loading Module, Philippines.

Client:  BP Whiting Refinery Modernization Project, Indiana - USA.
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Latest News