Proud Partner of TBPE

Texas Board of Professional Engineers

Here at Lowther-Rolton, we value strategic partnerships that allow us to provide quality engineering services to our Clients. The Texas Board of Professional Engineers is dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of the people of Texas. 

Their strategic approach focuses on advancing the practice of engineering through the licensure of qualified individuals, compliance with laws and rules, and education about Professional Engineering. Safety is a priority for us and our membership with TBPE is important to make sure we incorporate the latest safety and health protocols. 

Educational Resources

We pride ourselves on innovation to deliver efficient engineering services to our Clients. The technological advancements that are required to execute engineering projects are evolving to meet consumer demands. 

We make sure to associate with experts in the engineering field who understand that adaptability and innovation are fundamental to success. TBPE provides outreach presentations to Professional Engineers and the board also provides outreach webinars from technical experts. 

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Lowther-Rolton is the premier independent  engineering consultancy for Heavy Lift & Construction Engineering, providing original in-house design and third party verification services.

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