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Lowther-Rolton has established a subsidiary Company, Lowther-Rolton Services DMCC, by the presence of an office in Dubai UAE, effectively from 01 January 2015, as part of the planned global development of Lowther-Rolton.

Lowther-Rolton Services DMCC has merged with Santis HSE Management JLT, a long-term resident HSE Group based in Dubai, to extend our services to existing and future Clients located in the UAE, Middle East and North Africa with the focus on delivering unprecedented technical services to our Client. The merger affords Lowther-Rolton the capability to provide design, engineering, construction technology and Technical Auditing of transport and heavy lift operations (T&HL) with unique customised and sustainable HSE programs to our Client.

With our unique ability to provide a range of customised services such as risk analysis, HSE management systems, training, auditing and operational HSE management, Lowther-Rolton Services DMCC works closely with organisations to train, evaluate and raise competency levels to the required International Standards (NEBOSH, IOSH, ISO) within the oil, gas, power/energy and construction industry. We also provide internationally recognised certification of various skills.

Auditing/Reviews/Needs Analysis:

  • Community impact (project to community or community to project)
  • Community involvement and sustainability
  • Emergency response
  • Equipment fit for purpose inspections and records
  • Health and hygiene
  • Heavy equipment supplier and capabilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Meeting structures and relevance
  • Policy and procedural implementation and adherence
  • Traffic management
  • Training course content, delivery, retention and suitability
  • Risk management and business continuity

Quantitative Risk Assessments:

Using internationally accredited sampling and analysis processes, we can confirm whether or not our Client’s project may be exposed to risks from a wide range of hazards, including:

  • Air quality: indoor and outdoor, including assessment of prevailing weather conditions
  • Asbestos: in fixed equipment facilities and spares, such as gaskets
  • Bacterial Infections: through Kitchen Hygiene, food storage and temperature control
  • Legionella: water tanks, shower facilities, cooling systems
  • Noise: including octave band analysis, hearing protection assessment and recommendations

Safety Management System:

Based on risk assessments, Lowther-Rolton Services DMCC shall develop a suitable HSE management system for our Client and support their organisation through to implementation.

Our systems would be aligned as a minimum to our Client’s corporate HSE systems and local Government’s policies, procedures, decrees and/or standards. Should our Client prefer to expand the boundaries of the system to reasonably encompass all aspects of either ISO/OHSAS or UK Government Guidance HSG65 Successful Health & Safety Management, Lowther-Rolton Services DMCC shall ensure such requirements are embedded in the systems they design.

Whichever system our Client desires, Lowther-Rolton Services DMCC follow their proven and tested processes, which include but may not be limited to the following;

  • Conduct audits to assess implementation/compliance/knowledge in the field of the system’s objectives
  • Develop and deliver suitable training based on the new procedures (or assist with the development of our Client’s training schemes if our Client already has them)
  • Develop country-specific information and instruction packages for new employees to fast track them into the system
  • Develop H&S documentation/procedures for normal, abnormal (eg maintenance of equipment or international travel) and emergency situations
  • Identify and document all foreseeable health and safety (H&S) risks to our Client’s personnel, both office and operations-based, ensuring alignment to local or international standards such that we ensure that everything complies with the local legislation that impacts our Client’s project and organisation
  • Leadership training on the management system, roles and responsibilities

Training Available:        

  • General Safety Systems
  • Hazardous Material and Environmental Protection
  • Lifting and Rigging
  • Management and Supervision Training
  • Material Storage and or Use (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Office and Facility Ergonomics
  • Painting and Insulation
  • Scaffolding
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