Construction Planning

Construction Planning Services

Lowther-Rolton’s philosophy towards construction planning on a project is to enable our Client to remain in control while maintaining flexibility and not be subject to potential differentials in contractor preferences, which may offer short term gains but detrimental effects to schedule and efficiency.

Appointed early to a project, we can assist our Client in determining the ‘choices’ available to facilitate the project construction and subsequently offer direction to those tendering for the transportation and lifting (T&HL) elements associated with the proposed construction technique and equipment.

We offer technical advice to our Client and their design/construction team regarding construction techniques such as traditional ‘stick-built’ construction and modularisation, including the associated engineering aspects supporting the construction technique. To fully realise the potential cost and time benefits of modularisation, being a modern and proven technique of construction, it is imperative that experienced advice on the matters affecting design, assembly, transportation and installation of modules and vessels is obtained at an early stage. Our advice, being independent and impartial, shall consider a range of equipment options and techniques which is not influenced by contractor’s specific preference.

Our design and planning services for construction planning include:

  • Advise on the appropriate construction techniques and equipment for a project, based on our Client’s ‘drivers’ for a project
  • Design a project construction technique considering various load movements, transportation and lifting (T&HL), to facilitate an efficient and safe delivery and installation process
  • Prepare tender concept drawings, schemes, designs and outline proposals for our Client’s technical section of their inquiry, the basis of which is independent from any particular company or supplier
  • Prepare original detail drawings, schemes, proposals and design documents including method statements, for contractor adoption, as our Client’s technical representation

To summarise, our specialised construction planning, with early involvement to a project, coupled with our highly experienced, efficient and Professional staff can assist to optimise:

  • Constructability
  • Contingencies against schedule overrun
  • Economy
  • Flexibility
  • Modularisation
  • Safety
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