ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery ESP Project

ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery ESP Project

California, USA

Client:  Exxonmobil Torrance Refinery

Appointed by ExxonMobil to provide Professional engineering services by undertaking a Technical Audit of the contractor’s operational documentation relating to the lifting, transportation and installation of 2 Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs), including associated engineering aspects at the Torrance Refinery.

Each ESP weighed up to 1,847Te with a further 272Te of supporting and shoring structure, resulting in a payload of 2,119Te.
The operations included the preparation for, and lifting by, Modular Lifting Towers (MLT), transfer onto modular trailers by the MLT, transportation between the assembly and installation locations and setting in the final installation location.

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