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The Directors of Lowther-Rolton are the only shareholders and are committed to upholding the principles and values of Lowther-Rolton while increasing our Consultancy in stature, staff and presence strategically across the globe.

At no time shall Lowther-Rolton forget its ‘roots’ being founded on expert practicable advice and shall not become a ‘body shop’. The added value of design and construction engineering teamed with our load movement expertise is a unique combination that sets Lowther-Rolton aside from others.

Under the continued direction of Bob Dodd, supported by a dedicated team of Professional staff, for nearly three decades, Lowther-Rolton has secured the respect of our Client by ensuring that we are committed to upholding our Client’s integrity.

All staff, present and future, shall continue with these ideals such that each office location throughout the world shall offer a consistent service, governed by the same principles and policies irrespective of location.

We have always had, and shall continue to maintain, an open door policy with our staff, from Director down, as a ‘flat organisation’ based on teamwork and providing subtle leadership to our sustained staff, who appreciate being treated and rewarded fairly as individuals for their skills and efforts and not taken liberties for granted.

Presently engineering is completed from our offices in UK where the aim is for each office to be self-sufficient in respect to design and construction expertise, after all staff have undergone a period of training in the UK under the management and instruction of our long term staff to ensure our ideals, working methods and abilities are maintained throughout the globe.

Our global network of offices has been established and integrated in a manner which ensures the continuity in our services of design, engineering, construction and safety are managed internally, issued to our Client with consistency from a single source Consultancy, which is unique and second to none.

We provide expertise in an academic and practical form that are integrated from a single source and managed internally such that we have no interface discrepancies.

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