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Lowther-Rolton achieves our Client’s respect and enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of our staff.

We are pro-active and respect that circumstances may change during the life of a project thereby we ensure that our solutions maintain flexibility to develop in a controlled manner. This strategy offers commercial advantages to our Client, ensuring that designs and planned methods are readily adaptable to changes.

We pride ourselves on the commitment we extend to our Client and their partners combined with the attention to detail ever present in our work. Regardless whether it is desk study or operational attendance, everything we undertake has constructability, efficiency and safety foremost to assist our Client to reach their objectives of construction on time, to budget and with safety.

Lowther-Rolton shall continue to provide an exceptional service to enhance our Client’s management team delivering the rewards they warrant where, to Lowther-Rolton, near enough is not good enough. We are persistent in our approach to elevate all parties with whom we are involved to the highest level of engineering and workmanship that can be practically achieved.

It is our ambition to have offices located strategically around the globe to serve our Client in the best manner practicable and be closer ‘to hand’, while not diluting our services in any way or manner.

Our information structure shall be as complete, seamless and consistent regardless of location and/or individual attention.

While other companies and projects may have interfaces, our procedures and structure are developed such that any interfaces we may have between staff members and operational locations are managed, such that our service and support to our Client is unprecedented.

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