Mission Statement
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Lowther-Rolton’s Mission is to provide our Client with superior load movement methods of their equipment that inspire others to emulate our philosophies, strategies and safe, socially acceptable practices.

To be the heavy construction industry’s primary choice in transport and heavy lift (T&HL) design, engineering, planning and assurance for the oil, chemical, gas and power/energy industries worldwide.

To provide our Client with a 1st class engineering based Consultancy that is totally independent and unbiased in its pro-active approach, advice, technical and practical ability in load movement and construction with an unparalleled approach determined to protect our Client’s best interests.

Integrate engineering with HSE to ensure our Client receives the highest calibre of advice, support and commitment they deserve, from Lowther-Rolton being a solution solver not a liability, by providing practical, efficient and constructible engineering and design of structures and load movements, enhancing safety.

To be suitably recognised and rewarded by our Client such that we are predominantly in our Client’s network and promoted internally within our Client’s organisations with the confidence that we shall not dilute our services and always offer the highest quality, attention and advice.

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