Our Objectives
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Lowther-Rolton aim to provide the highest possible quality of commitment and service to our Client, which is achieved by:

  • Understanding our Client’s objectives and requirements to achieve their targets
  • Providing our Client with world class performance in engineering, design, management and HSE
  • Providing our highest level of expertise, commitment and advice to our Client
  • Ensuring that our Client receives personal attention from our Directors and managers
  • Maintaining our independence with no conflict of interest
  • Employing motivated engineers of the highest calibre and providing them with the necessary training and facilities enabling them to reach their maximum potential as designers and managers
  • Providing correctly engineered efficient solutions
  • Operating an internal quality assurance system that targets the activities directly related to the quality of product and service that our Client commands and deserves

We offer the combined skills of experienced construction staff and engineers in the following sectors:

  • Bridge design and construction
  • Chemical processing plant construction
  • Gas processing plant construction
  • Geotechnical advice and interpretation
  • Load movement transport and lifting
  • Modularisation and modular construction
  • Off-shore construction
  • Plant/refinery outages, revamps and upgrades
  • Power/energy plant construction (nuclear and fossil)
  • Refinery construction
  • Structural assessment of existing structures
  • Structural design and construction
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