Our Services

Professional Engineering Services

Lowther-Rolton provide Professional engineering services tailored to suit our Client’s requirements including, but not limited to the following:

  • FEED stage concept and feasibility planning studies
  • Pre-tender stage conceptual studies to determine available and preferred options
  • Preparation of technical section of tender documents
  • Contractor tender review and selection
  • Engineering development, design and detail documentation
  • Constructability studies
  • Client representation and liaison
  • Technical Audit (Technical Check and Safety Audit)
  • Construction management, supervision and oversight at operational locations

The service Lowther-Rolton provides can be adopted at any stage of a project from FEED through engineering development to construction however, an early appointment would benefit the project and assist our Client to achieve their objective of completion safely to budget and schedule.

Our team of engineers design practical solutions and construction techniques based on Lowther-Rolton’s considerable ‘hands-on’ experience of the systems and contractors available. At all times the designs and engineering we prepare are considered for contingency measures, which maintains flexibility in commercial and operational aspects while not diluting construction safety.

The engineering services we provide are not limited to ‘Green-field’ sites, they are of equal benefit to ‘Brown-field’ sites in addition to Turn-Around/Shutdown projects.

The work undertaken by the Lowther-Rolton is not limited to office based desk study duties but continues to the construction phase by integrating into our Client’s project team.

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