KG Flex Project
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KG Flex Project

Grangemouth, UK

Client:  Ineos Manufacturing Scotland Ltd

Lowther-Rolton were appointed by Ineos to undertake a feasibility study to determine the craneage and transportation requirements for the delivery and installation of 4 Columns, 7 PAUs and other process equipment items, up to 214Te each, into the live plant, surrounded by 3 Flare lines and a Heater bank, as part of their KG Flex project.

We completed conceptual feasibility studies for the transportation of the equipment items from Forth Ports to installation at the Refinery location, in addition to the Transport and Heavy Lift technical section of the tender enquiry, for issue to T&HL contractors.

Technical Audit of the T&HL contractor’s proposals for the sea/land transportation, laydown support and installation of the process equipment items, including lifting/tailing attachments, together with the design check of the associated engineering aspects and operational attendance during load-out/load-in, transportation and installation operations.

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