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The focus of Lowther-Rolton is to provide our Client with the best independent advice available regarding construction and load movement, providing unprecedented support from conception to construction, always with the consideration of safety, as an integral member of our Client’s team. To achieve this we have a philosophy of providing expert advice based on correctly engineered solutions, compliance to relevant regulations, standards, codes, and good engineering practices, coupled with a full understanding of our Client’s requirements and objectives.

We are committed to ensuring that transparency prevails and empower our Client with factual, accurate data and valuable analysis throughout the project development. With this approach we offer an economic Professional service at all stages from FEED concept/feasibility through engineering development and detailed design to construction, where we predominantly attend operational locations.

Appointed early to a project we offer a wide vision relating to construction techniques and independent advice on the methods of load movement (T&HL), together with the range of equipment available. At this stage we are able to influence the engineering aspects to efficiently design structures for the intended movements and maintain flexibility by not designing specifically for a singular item of equipment. This approach offers a commercial advantage to the project, with Lowther-Rolton offering a truly independent service, promoting flexibility while maintaining a competitive environment during equipment and contractor selection.

A significant amount of our work on a project is independent 3rd party Technical Audit (Technical Check and Safety Audit), as part of our Client’s Risk Management Strategy where we scrutinise the technical proposals of designers and specialist contractors, addressing any interfaces. Among many associated engineering items our Technical Audit shall consider ground analysis, load spreading, structural analysis of items during load movement, design of lifting attachments, crane and rigging studies, transport configuration and sea-fastenings, together with all associated method statements.

Our permanent team of Professional engineers utilise the latest engineering software packages, including Finite Element analysis. Where problems are identified we solve them using our expertise to produce engineered solutions that can be sensibly and economically implemented safely.

Beyond the desk study/design stage our experienced project managers integrate into a Client’s team as advisors or to manage and supervise operations thereby providing project assurance and endorsement that the accepted procedures are adhered to.

Our role does not relieve contractors of their contractual obligations but protects our Client under their ‘Duty of Care’ and due diligence commitments.

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