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Lowther-Rolton was founded in 1987 to provide our Client an independent engineering service in construction technology by concentrating on the construction techniques, planning, engineering, design, management and independent 3rd party Technical Audit (Technical Check and Safety Audit) to enhance safe construction, together with the associated engineering activities, fundamental to a project.

Our Company, as Professional consultants, combines the skills of project managers, civil and structural engineers, uniquely specialising in engineering the load movement (T&HL) of all types of pre-assembled/pre-cast structures in the fields of petrochemical, power/energy (nuclear and fossil), bridge construction and specialist structures, complementing a full range of design and operational services.

We continually add value to projects by ensuring that transparency prevails, providing advice and engineered solutions which are aligned with our Client and the project objectives. We promote safety with a corresponding increase in efficiency while reducing risk and protecting schedule.

The expertise applied by our Directors and staff originates from the wealth of experience gained previously as contractors and designers.

We pride ourselves on the ability to engineer load movement schemes (transportation and lifting) and permanent/temporary structures that are innovative, practical, economic and safe to construct by providing conceptual engineering studies through to fully engineered drawing and calculation packages to fulfil our Client’s requirements throughout the project cycle.

Our ‘hands-on’ experience of construction equipment for load movement is comprehensive and unique. Thereby Lowther-Rolton provides a Professional engineering based service as an independent alternative to load movement contractors and suppliers.

We offer our expertise and services worldwide together with the provision of suitably qualified and experienced staff to integrate into our Client’s project team. Our engineering and design services are predominantly augmented by operational attendance during construction activities whether in the construction management role or to provide operational supervision or oversight.

We further offer marine engineering and Marine Warranty services for movement of loads by sea and/or inland waterways, together with HSE Services, as consultants through our expanded network.

Our relationship with and commitment to our Client ensures a dedicated, seamless, high quality and comprehensive on-shore and off-shore engineering service that is second to none.

We continue to be appointed to major construction projects around the world in addition to turnaround, revamp and maintenance projects.

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