Lift Operations Day or Night

Tight Deadlines Met 

Here at Lowther-Rolton (L-R), we are motivated to support our Clients throughout their most challenging heavy lifting and transport operations. Heavy lift operations require careful planning and attention to detail, together with ensuring that deadlines are met. We partner with our Clients from concept, throughout the planning and at the implementation phase. 

Successful Outcomes 

Most recently we assisted our Client during the safe removal and replacement of a 274-ton Turbine and 282-ton Generator. The operations were planned with a tight deadline, to ensure the power plant could resume generating as quickly as possible. Replacement equipment was received from railcars at a nearby rail siding using a J and R hydraulic gantry system, while an additional gantry system removed and replaced the equipment at the site. 

A focus for this Project was engineering checks for the route to the site, ensuring that soil bearing and the strength of culverts and bridges were adequate to support the equipment moves. The equipment was moved using Goldhoder e-steer modular hydraulic transporters, required due to very limited space to maneuver in the generating unit.

During this Project, L-R ensured that preparation works were appropriate and complete prior to operations, and used our Technical Audit system to assure the integrity of planned equipment and methods.

Delays can compromise the successful outcome of projects. L-R ensures that all aspects are considered to move Projects forward with no late surprises. Our commitment to safety and attention to detail is a major factor promoting safe, timely and successful outcomes.
Heavy lift projects don’t have to be a hassle. Connect with us today to learn more about our Technical Audit system and Professional engineering services.

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